LAND makes first splash: Nica Times article describes film’s “Racy Look at Nicaragua’s Land Boom”

land-movie.jpgIn a Nica Times article entitled “Documentary Takes Racy Look at Nicaragua’s Land Boom,” Tim Rogers interviews Canadian director and producer Julian Pinder about his new film, LAND.

LAND is a feature documentary which attacks the issue of foreign development in southwest Nicaragua. Pinder calls his film “a modern wild-west story; a convolution of morals in frontier country.”

He says, “So many social-issue films try to expose bad guys or extol the past, but I really wanted to tell a story and let people figure it out for themselves and make their own judgments.”

One thing is certain: people will make judgments. From the “bring your gun” motto on the movie poster, to the edgy nine-minute trailer, I look forward to the discussions sure to come.

I haven’t seen the film yet (Rogers reports that LAND is scheduled for release in Canada this May and in the U.S. later this summer), but am enjoying the hype. LAND has been nominated for a few festivals and even short-listed for Cannes.

Read Rogers’ full article.

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After playing to sold-out audiences at HotDocs and then a successful theatrical run in Toronto, LAND
is being re-released in Toronto at the newly opened Carlton cinema July 23rd-29th (Carlton & Yonge).
It’s also playing in Calgary at the Uptown cinema from July 16-22, and coming soon to Vancouver and Montreal.
If you haven’t seen it yet, now is your chance!

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