Article in Worldview Magazine: FIRE TRUCKS AND WATER FILTERS

rodney.jpgMore than 200,000 people have served in the U.S. Peace Corps during the 49 years that the program has been around. Many Returned Peace Corps Volunteers have gone on to do remarkable things. My article in the newest issue of Worldview magazine (a publication for returned and active volunteers) is about Rodney McDonald, a fellow Nica RPCV (and fellow adopted Esteliano) who still lives in Nicaragua to coordinate the equipment donations, fire truck arrivals, trainings, video productions, and other tasks for the non-profit organization he helped found, Emergency Response Services in Latin America (ERSLA).

JB: What advice would you give others looking to import big-ticket donations like fire engines and ambulances?
RM: Make sure the infrastructure is in place to support the donation…. I know of quite a few “good intentions” that have been donated and later to be parked and not be able to be utilized anywhere or even worse, where engines blew up in the trucks because no one took the time to show where to check the oil.

Download the entire article here: “Profiles in Service: FIRE TRUCKS AND WATER FILTERS”

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