New guide lists 700 Places to Volunteer Before You Die

volunteer.jpgAre you deciding where to go next? Voluntourism guru Nola Lee Kelsey’s collection of alternative travel opportunities, 700 Places to Volunteer Before You Die: A Traveler’s Guide (Dog’s Eye View Media, 2010), is a remarkable resource for travelers looking for a different kind of trip. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a complete, detail-filled listing which spans the entire globe. The book includes 11 opportunities in Nicaragua and 5 in Belize, and of course, hundreds of others around the world (there are actually 758 listings).

700 Places to Volunteer Before You Die also features an introduction with advice by “industry experts,” including yours truly (Kelsey’s interview with the Tranquilo Traveler begins on pp. 23), making it even easier to recommend. My only criticism of the book is that its organization is a bit tricky, especially since there is no index. But it’s still fun to browse the pages, looking for your next trip to pop out at you.
Check out Nola Lee Kelsey’s blog and podcast to learn more about volunteering abroad.

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