Go Black Stars! Ghana goes bananas! Tranquilo Traveler digs up World Cup 2006 posts

As Ghana celebrates its first win in the 2010 World Cup, I thought I’d take a look back. Exactly four years ago, my wife and I were living in Accra, a crusty capital on the coast of West Africa, where we were volunteering with Planned Parenthood. The country was deep in World Cup fever for the national team, the Black Stars, which had advanced farther in the tournament than any other African team had ever done in history. Sutay and I watched soccer on TV every day, all over the country, at work, at home, in restaurants, and once during our travels in the rural north, we watched World Cup football under the stars in the chief’s compound.

Here are a few images and stories from that experience:

VIDEO of Ghana youth going nuts over a goal

Accra: sight-free, soccer-insane city by the seaGame On! Ghana vs. USA today…

Jubilation! Ghana 2 – USA 1! Everybody’s Dancin’…

Back from the Bush: Two Weeks in Northeast Ghana

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