Sometimes people travel and they don’t come back.

From the count-your-blessings department:

Aubrey Sacco, a young backpacker from Boulder, CO, is still missing, last seen on a solo trek, while traveling in Nepal. Elephant Journal reports that she was “traveling through Nepal, India and Sri Lanka to help further her yoga skills while volunteering at schools and teaching English.”

I’d never heard of Aubrey before yesterday, even though we’re from the same town. I stumbled into her story while looking for an affordable yoga class in north Boulder. I ended up in Core Power Yoga Room 2 on a Saturday evening, packed mat to mat with 55 other people. One of them was photographer Jim Campbell, who captured the heat of this class, sweat and tears, as the teachers invoked their missing sister, and we held for just another three … two … one …

Then this morning, from Nicaragua, more tragic news: two Floridians on their way to the airport in Managua, after a successful Nica surfing safari, died in a crash, along with their driver, a U.S. expat, also from Florida.

Either of these tragedies could have have happened at home too, walking out their front door, so maybe this has nothing to do with traveling. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. I just offer strength to these families.

More links on how to possibly help find Aubrey Sacco, 23, missing in Nepal

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