lan2.jpgDreamers, expats, development workers, investors, volunteers, Spanish students, and retirees thinking about (or already living in) Nicaragua—this book is for you! Randy Wood and I are proud to announce the 2nd edition of MOON LIVING ABROAD IN NICARAGUA, our guidebook for longterm travelers in Central America’s largest, most vibrant, and least visited nation.

Randy and I first visited and learned about Nicaragua as Peace Corps trainees in the late 1990s. We both stayed on, in different capacities, and this book is based on our combined 24 years of experience there. For this edition, we surveyed hundreds of foreign expatriates living in Nicaragua to present our readers with a broad spectrum of experiences and opinions.

Is it cheap? Is it safe? Is it stable? Is it easy? We give a variety of answers, plus cover all the nuts and bolts of getting your residency visa, learning the language, choosing a school for your kids, etc.

Anyway, there’s nothing like cracking open a fresh box of new books. More about Living Abroad in Nicaragua on Write a review. Ask us questions. Go to Nicaragua.

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