Nicaragua media melee! The Tranquilo Traveler does the Managua morning talk show circuit


In the United States, where our guidebooks are widely distributed and marketed, it is a well-known fact that Moon Travel Books are the most comprehensive, useful, and thorough guidebooks in the world (if you disagree, please comment below).

But here in Nicaragua, it’s a different story—so I’m doing my part to shed some light on the subject of travel guidebooks (“guías turisticas”) for the people of Nicaragua. To this end, I appeared live on the morning talk shows of Channel 14 (Vos TV), Channel 2, and Channel 4 (hopefully, some clips coming soon). I was also interviewed by the country’s largest newspaper, La Prensa, enjoy:

“Nicaragua según los turistas”

I explained my story—how I came to Nicaragua as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1998 and witnessed the birth of tourism with nary a guidebook in sight—and also explained the purpose of guidebooks, how not only do they help people choose hotels and restaurants but also explain cultural idiosyncrasies, like pointing with your lips.

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