Traveling to Cuba: the scoop from Moon author Christopher Baker

Chris Baker is the author of numerous award-winning guidebooks, including MOON CUBA. In this new interview, he sheds some light on the changing laws for U.S. citizens:

“The Obama administration’s announcement on January 14—that it is expanding the categories of permissible travel to Cuba—opens the door to a much wider segment of U.S. citizens eager to learn about Cuba firsthand. Some of the details are at this stage unclear….

Students and academics will be able to travel solo, as will Cuban Americans and journalists. Most importantly, from the perspective of the average U.S. citizen, it appears that the Obama administration is reinstating a Clinton-era provision, which will permit non-profit organizations (and possibly regular tour companies) to apply for a license to arrange “people to people” travel to Cuba. This should open the door for the average U.S. citizen–in fact, everyone–to join group tours that focus on cultural study and include at least a nominal interaction with Cubans. READ THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW->

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