Cruise ship is “giant, floating symbol of everything that is truly god-awful about America”

cruise ship

Leave it to The Onion to make a joke about terrorism calling “a 130,000-ton boat with an indoor ice skating rink, 24-hour buffet access, and a dance club called the ‘ Caliente Lounge'” a “crime against humanity.” A cruise ship, the article says, is “essentially a giant, floating symbol of everything that is truly god-awful about America.”

Full article: “U.S. Authorities Can’t Really Fault Al-Qaeda For Deadly Bombing Of Carnival Cruise Ship
‘Those Things Represent Everything That’s Wrong With America,’ Officials Say”

The Onion piece came as news was breaking in early 2011 about cruise lines boycotting Belize because of a dispute with tender operators over price per passenger.

Some say good for Belize for standing up for itself and not selling themselves so cheaply. Others say “Good riddance!”, especially residents in southern Belize who started the No Cruises website.

What do you think? Does Belize need those 750,000 cruise ship day-trippers each year?

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