Moises Gadea: Nicaraguan singer-songwriter, new video “Soy Migrante”

moises.jpgI first met Moises Gadea in 1998, at an open-air nightclub in Managua, near La UCA (University of Central America) campus. His band, Ixmaná, a high-energy folk-rock experiment, was playing. Moises invited me on stage that night and a friendship was born.

I follow Moises’s musical career from afar now, bummed about all the gigs I’m missing in Managua bars, but happy to see him putting out new music and working on new projects all the time, like this stunning track, “Soy Migrante,” from the documentary film, “Y Me Fui” (And I went).

The video shows Moises singing in the studio in between scenes of Nicaraguans struggling to survive in the distinct landscape of their patria. “I am Nicaragua,” begins the song. It definitely makes me want to see the film—and return to the country. Enjoy: [VIDEO]

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