Travelers on the Charms of Melbourne, “the kind of city to lose yourself in the feeling of it”


I occasionally like to ask my well-traveled friends about places they’ve visited which I have not. These few simple remarks could probably fill a week for a traveler to this city. I asked one of my friends about Melbourne and what it has to offer and she told me about all the under-appreciated parts of Melbourne. Apparently, there are lots of beautiful parts of Melbourne that are basically hidden. Perhaps travelers might want to consider hiring a car to drive themselves around the city looking for these beautiful spots. People can always make use of Parkhound to help them find spaces to park whilst they’re in Melbourne as well. My friend believes that the app is ideal for Melbourne, especially because of all the tourists that the city attracts.

She also said that most people don’t realize the wonderful cruises that start in Melbourne and travel all over. It’s a great way to spend a trip — spend a few days exploring the city then cruise around the country or world! Take a look at CruiseAgency Australia for more information about this! What would you add to this advice? Do you agree with it?
One friend said Melbourne reminded her of her hometown, Toronto. She mentioned its Victorian era station, Flinders St., the Yarra River, the ocean, and “lovely small neighborhoods.”

An American expat who has been living in Melbourne for four years wrote, “While Melbs has fewer iconic “sights” than Syd we have a lot more soul. It’s the kind of city to lose yourself in the feeling of it, wandering through laneways, grabbing a coffee and enjoying the incredible cultural diversity. It’s the artistic and cultural capital of Australia. I absolutely love living in Melbourne and it is a fantastic place to settle down. I am currently in the middle of renovating my property as I simply could not face moving! If you are ever considering home renovations melbourne has some great contractors on its doorstep that can help you to create the property of your dreams. And with over 1000 folks moving here weekly, there must be more reasons why it is so well loved. One such reason is the strong choice of areas to move into, including new, master-planned communities offering luxurious Clyde North house and land packages that are becoming popular options for newcomers to the city. Different neighborhoods represent the various waves of immigration and your taste buds can experience this history. Also home of Aussie rules football (go bombers) it is the more down-to-earth San Fran to Sydney’s shallower LA. Come visit and see for yourself!”


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