Upbeat World Music CD takes kids to the Caribbean, Latin America, and South Africa

colorbook-1.jpgI am a complete sucker for pretty much everything produced by Putumayo Kids, the children’s and educational division of the renowned music label Putumayo World Music (for which I am an equally eager sucker). In addition to their new Kids World Party CD, Putumayo Kids has launched a collection of sticker and coloring books. I LOVE the Latin America book — it is oversized with an alluring travel scene on the cover and big, simple drawings of animals and cultural landscapes inside.

“That looks like the Banjo Billy bus,” said my four-year-old when she saw the cover. She was referring to the funky, decked-out tour bus that we often see lumbering around the streets of Boulder, Colorado.

“That’s called a ‘chicken bus,'” I explained, loving this sudden teachable opportunity the book had given me before I’d even opened it.

“In Puerto Rico, it’s called a ‘guagua.’

kids musicBefore she could respond or try out the new vocabulary, the Mexican band Moneditas de Oro began singing “Nadie,” and our whole family was dancing around the living room. When we got tired, we sat down to look at the Africa sticker book.

Listen to more samples from Kids World Party here.


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Disclosure: I received free review copies from Putumayo Kids, but no payment.

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