Tranquilo Traveler in HuffPo’s ‘Weird News’

huffpo2012.png In a Huffington Post Weird News article entitled “Dec. 21, 2012: Will End Of Mayan Calendar Bring Doomsday?” by David Moye, I serve as a voice of reason after a long list of possible apocalypse scenarios.

2012 is expected to be a bigger deal than Y2K when it comes to doomsday-predicting and bunker-building, reports Moye who goes on to discuss people who fear the comet Elenin, solar storms, Planet Nibiru, and unusually fierce weather, all of which have been linked by a few worried souls — without a shred of evidence — to the end of the Maya Long Count calendar.

“Meanwhile,” writes Moye, “if you’re unsure of who to believe about how to deal with the end of the Mayan calendar one year from now, you could always do what travel writer Joshua Berman did: ask the Mayans themselves. Berman is the author of Maya 2012: A Guide To Celebrations In Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras, and says there are 10 million Mayans still living in the region…

“‘I haven’t spoken with a single Mayan or Mayan expert who believes there will be an apocalypse,’ Berman said. ‘Instead, there is going to be a lot of celebrating and parties. They hope to increase tourism by 10 percent this year.'” [LINK]

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