Speaker in Denver: Misunderstanding the Maya Calendar and 2012

ed barnhart maya expert I’m excited for Dr. Ed Barnhart’s talk at the Denver Art Museum on February 19, 2012, “Misunderstanding the Maya Calendar: 2012 & Why You Shouldn’t Worry.”

The esteemed Dr. Barnhart is the head of the Maya Exploration Center, the man behind the Palenque mapping project, and a featured expert in my book, Moon Maya 2012, where he discusses travel in the Mundo Maya, and offers other insights on Maya concept of time.
“Join archaeologist Dr. Ed Barnhart as he attempts to separate fact from fiction and calculation from conjecture in a lecture about the 2012 and the Maya calendar. This talk will discuss the foundations of the 2012 phenomena, the pseudo-science behind many of the claims, and how much of it has absolutely nothing to do with the Maya.” [LINK for DETAILS]

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