“Visiting the Mundo Maya” on June 2, 2012, episode of “Travel with Rick Steves”

josh berman radioMy interview with Rick Steves about “Visiting the Mundo Maya” aired on radio stations across the land yesterday on the June 2, 2012 episode Travel with Rick Steves. My interview with Rick Steves about “Visiting the Mundo Maya” on the June 2, 2012 episode of Travel with Rick Steves. It is program number 288 and is available here.

“Get tips for visiting evocative pre-Columbian sites. Learn how you can be a houseguest of today’s Maya, too. Plus, Rick joins a guide from Prague for a walking tour of the charmingly preserved ‘Golden City of 500 Spires,’ where sightseeing is fueled by some of Europe’s best beer.” Beginning on June 3, 2012, the show will also be available to download any time. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think about traveling in the Mundo Maya!

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