¡Viva Nicaragua! My favorite country in Central America (don’t worry, I love you too, Belize)

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For 14 years, I’ve been traveling around, living in, working in, writing about, and loving Nicaragua. Sometimes I come for years, sometimes, for months, sometimes for a couple of days. Today, I woke up in Granada, the most colorful city in the world, and looked out of my balcony, on the second story of Hotel Darío. The best hotels in Granada, including Hotel Casa San Francisco, another of my favorites, celebrate and glorify the city’s colonial history and architecture. Hotel Darío also makes some of the best coffee in the city, which I am now enjoying as the breeze blows from Lake Cocibolca up Calle la Calzada.

But the best part about Nicaragua is not the amazing value and aesthetics of the hotels. The best part is that every time I come, I see old friends, meet new ones, and discover something new about the country. And today, I get to board a 12-seater plane and fly somewhere in the country I have never been before. Stay tuned….

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