Denver Premiere of Mayan Renaissance Film Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012

2012-08-14-mayafilmposter.jpgOn Tuesday, August 21, the Denver Film Society will feature Mayan Renaissance, a 68-minute, feature length documentary shot in Guatemala, “which documents the glory of the ancient Maya civilization, the Spanish conquest in 1519, five hundred years of oppression, and the courageous fight of the Maya to reclaim their voice and determine their own future, in Guatemala and throughout Central America.”The Denver premiere of Mayan Renaissance is at the Denver FilmCenter, and this screening is part of a Women + Film series. Director Dawn Engle will be on hand for a post-film Q&A and reception.

Mayan Renaissance tells the long history of the Maya, and features several modern Maya voices, including 1992 Nobel Peace Laureate and Maya leader Rigoberta Menchu Tum. The film was produced in coordination with PeaceJam Foundation, an international education foundation based in Colorado which works with students and Nobel Peace Laureates around the globe.

This Denver screening should be extra sweet, after Mayan Renaissance was awarded “Best Colorado Filmmaker Documentary Award” at The Film Festival of Colorado last July. For tickets and info check the Denver Film Society site.

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