13 B’aktun Roundup: Maya calendar cycle celebrated throughout Central America

josh berman at caracol for 13 baktun

SAN IGNACIO, BELIZE — It’s been exciting yet tranquilo here in my little corner of the Maya world. You can see me in the blue shirt in the photo above, atop Caana, Sky Temple (PHOTO BY JOSH BROWN). Celebrations are continuing throughout the region. Here is a quick round-up of reports by yours truly and a few friends:

GlobalPost: “Maya calendar cycle celebrated throughout Central America” by Joshua Berman: This week, across the “Mundo Maya” — swaths of territory once ruled by the indigenous group in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and parts of El Salvador and Honduras — modern Maya villages, as well as the archaeological sites are awash in celebration and ceremony….

Snarky Tofu: “One Era Ends, Another Begins (Apocalypse No Show)” by Joshua Brown (Lonely Planet Superstar): Maya were present, and holy people led both the opening and closing ceremonies. I saw from my vantage point on the ground great leaping bonfires being lit, and heard bursts of sacred music throughout the long night [be sure to watch the videos]….

I’ve been doing many radio interviews. Here is one: The Jiggy Jaguar show. Here is one more on WGVU Public Radio.

Centro Y Sur Magazine feature: Maya Calendar 101
Grand Junction Free Press: “12.21.12: Welcoming a new age to Grand Junction & the world” by Caitlin Row, with numerous quotes and excerpts by Joshua Berman: the end-date of the Mayan calendar, arrived today in the cold, early morning of the Winter Solstice…

The Great Snarky One: Josh Brown, Lonely Planet author and screenplay writer, pushes through the pain to witness the b’aktun:


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