Ryan Van Duzer wants to go to Australia

In this Elevation Outdoors interview, “Duzer Duz OZ,” Cameron Martindell asks Boulder, Colorado’s own Ryan Van Duzer about being a finalist in a major Australian adventure travel campaign. Of 45,000 videos submitted to the Australia Tourism “Best Job In The World” contest, my neighbor and fellow tranquilísimo “get out!” evangelist, Duzer is one of 33 American finalists participating in the final round. From the interview:

What advice do you have for others looking to live a life of adventure? My advice is simple, just get out there! Start small, go for a hike, ride a bike up a mountain or plunge off a rope swing into a lake. Once the all encompassing feeling of pure bliss after kissing Mother Nature on the lips you’ll be hooked for life! Start prioritizing your money, ditch the expenditures that aren’t necessary and save for up plane tickets, gear, and deodorizing underwear. I promise it will be worth it and will change your life for the better. READ THE REST->

Duzer’s YouTube Australia Plea

My 2012 interview with Duzer in the Denver Post: “Berman: Boulder’s bike-ridin’ Ryan Van Duzer exudes a Colorado-style positive energy”

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