Sunday Travel Denver Post Column on keeping travel scary: My TEDxBoulder talk in 500 words


My monthly column in the Denver Post Travel Section is out this weekend. It is a 500-word version of the TEDxBoulder talk I gave last Saturday entitled, “Be afraid! Be very afraid. Keeping fear in your travels, where it belongs!

There I was, ascending a one-thousand-foot-high radio antenna somewhere east of Boulder, standing on top of the service elevator, and interviewing a BASE jumper named Billy Ricard. I was writing an article on the quasi-legality of BASE-jumping for a magazine called Gravity. He had a parachute and I had a tape recorder.


At the top, it was windy, I could feel the tower moving, and I felt sick to my stomach as Billy climbed a little higher, then bent his knees forward toward the earth.


Then Billy said, “Face your fears, bro,”


and he jumped. The blue strobe from the tower flashed and caught Billy’s body as he dropped, then it went out, and it was just black.   READ THE REST->

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