Rocky Mountain Travel: My Travel Guide to Colorado is Live!


I’m proud to be a “Local Expert” on Colorado for, the website for the best print travel magazine in the world right now. And I’m happy to announce that they have just published my travel guide to Colorado, which is more like a grassroots collaborative collection of “highlights” and “wanderlists” than a traditional print guidebook. Here is the intro, enjoy and feel free to contribute if you have an account with AFAR:

Colorado is synonymous with its primary attraction: the Rocky Mountains, a jaw-dropping geographic wonder of the world whose peaks, crags, and canyons will dominate your view—and your itinerary. Visitors come to Colorado for its world-class ski resorts and numerous outdoor adventures. They come for the national parks, dude ranches, hot springs, and rodeos. They come to Denver for its museums, sports stadiums, pubs, parks, and bookshops. They come to pop a tent, unplug, and walk into the backcountry. In the eighth-largest state in the nation, there is room for everybody. READ THE REST->

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