FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CROCODILE LOVE, new travel memoir by Joshua Berman

Laos, slow boats.
Laos, slow boats.
Joshua Berman's first narrative travel book
Joshua Berman’s first narrative travel book


CROCODILE LOVE: Travel Tales from an Extended Honeymoon

Travel writer Joshua Berman’s first narrative book is an exciting, purposeful journey through Pakistan, India, Ghana, and The Gambia

Advance praise: “Crocodile Love has enough action to rival Indiana Jones, yet plenty of sweet moments that will melt anyone’s heart. Berman redefines what a honeymoon should be.” —Ryan Van Duzer, Adventure Journalist

From chapter one: “We wanted to go to hot, intense places together, to cities where open markets breathed that sweaty, fish-gutty, trash-burning smell that clings to travelers’ memories forever. We had each whiffed it before, this odor of deep travel, but it was something else to embark as husband and wife to seek it together.”

Bangkok, 2005
Bangkok, 2005

BOULDER, CO — In CROCODILE LOVE: Travel Tales from an Extended Honeymoon ($17.95, paperback, Tranquilo Travel Publishing, December 2015), Joshua Berman makes his travel narrative debut as he recounts the mishaps, quests, and encounters of his 16-month, 16-country honeymoon. In 2005, he and his bride, Sutay, both returned Peace Corps Volunteers, canceled their wedding reception, diverted the money to plane tickets, and applied to volunteer around the world. CROCODILE LOVE brings the reader along to:

  • explore Sutay’s unique family legacy in Pakistan, opening many strange doors,
  • experience the world’s great religions through a traveler’s lens,
  • volunteer for three months on a tea plantation in India and for two months with Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana,
  • stride unannounced into the mud-hut Gambian village where Sutay had once lived as a Peace Corps Volunteer, ten years before.

Berman is a columnist for The Denver Post and author of five books (all with Avalon Travel Publishing), including Moon Nicaragua, Moon Belize, and Colorado Camping. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, and Yoga Journal. CROCODILE LOVE: Travel Tales from an Extended Honeymoon ($17.95, 294 pages, 5.5 x 8.5”, paperback, ISBN: 9780692553701, Tranquilo Travel Publishing; $4.99 for the Kindle/mobile version) is available on Tranquilo Travel Publishing is the independent publishing platform of travel writer Joshua Berman, who is based in Boulder, Colorado.

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