Crocodile Love Book Review by Novelist Silvio Sirias

The latest review of my book, Crocodile Love: Tales from an Extended Honeymoon, entitled “A Journey of Love and Light,” was written by none other than novelist Silvio Sirias, author of Bernardo and the Virgin, Meet Me Under the Ceiba, and The Saint of Santa Fe. I’m humbled and honored. He writes:

Novelist Silvio Sirias
Novelist Silvio Sirias

“In between these missions, the newlyweds travel as tourists and volunteers. Their altruistic encounters humanize the people they encounter along the way—and thanks to Berman’s fine-tuned cultural sensitivities the encounters are never patronizing or condescending. He writes of the hardships and struggles of others straightforwardly. He tells their truths with understanding and compassion, thus bringing his readers into the light as well.

The tale of their prolonged honeymoon is always engaging. Indeed, Crocodile Love is a page turner. What’s more, Berman sharp, sensory writing allows the reader to tag along. One can hear the sounds, react to the scents, taste the cuisine, feel the grit and grime of arduous travel, and envision everything clearly through his vivid descriptions.”


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