Pulsera Project Drops New “Color the World” Video about program in Nicaragua

I first did a The Pulsera Project bracelet sale two years ago, with my 7th-grade Spanish class at Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado. This fall, I’ve ordered a box for my 6th-grade class. Not only will my students learn about bigger issues like poverty in Central America and get to practice some real-life business math, they will also learn about some of the individual artists who created the bracelets and bags they’ll be selling.

Pulsera Project in Boulder, CO
Fair trade bracelets from Nicaragua only $5 each – ¡Qué ganga!

The Pulsera Project has released a 12-minute film, “Color the World,” about their mission, philosophy, and history. Co-founder Chris Howell says, “Some of the B-roll is the same [as the older version], but it’s largely a brand new film. We did all new interviews with experts in Nicaragua as well as all of us co-founders.”

The video, Howell explains, “is a brand new look into the project’s philosophy of solidarity and mutual exchange, as well as the importance of international service and fair trade. It explains how the founders of the project had their worldview radically changed over their years traveling to Nicaragua, and how they learned how to make lasting impact in the developing world – by listening and learning first.

The film showcases the efforts of teachers and students in schools across the country, which now employ almost 200 artists in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Pulsera Project also funds numerous education and micro-finance projects for their artists. Look for our upcoming middle school PULSERA sale in mid-late October, 2016! We will be selling Nicaraguan bracelets and Guatemalan bags on the Shining Mountain Waldorf School campus and possibly other locations in North Boulder.

From our last sale, pictured below. We sold more than 200 bracelets, raising over $1000 for Pulsera Project!

Pulsera Project bracelet sale in Spanish class at Shining Mountain Waldorf School.
Pulsera Project bracelet sale in Spanish class at Shining Mountain Waldorf School.
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