Photo Gallery: Road Trip to the Stanley Hotel with the Google Pixel Camera

I had to drive up to Estes Park the other day to research a travel article for my column in The Denver Post. Usually, if I’m headed that way, I’m writing about Rocky Mountain National Park or some family escape at YMCA of the Rockies. This time, things were different. This time, I was on a “brocation” with my compadre, Sean G. We got in the car, drove the scenic route up through Jamestown to the Peak to Peak Highway, then on to the Stanley Hotel. This time, we were traveling for whiskey.

It was also a good chance to take a Pixel for a spin. I happened to have a product sample of Google’s new camera, pictured here in front of Lily Lake:

I took all the shots in the above gallery with the Pixel. I tried pushing it in low light and zooming in through bouncing, moving windshields. All in all, it did very well—especially with the crisp, shiny glassware at the whiskey tasting. I’m a newbie to Droid, so was impressed when the Pixel saved all my shots to my Google photos cloud account, which then showed up almost immediately on my laptop and iPhone. Photo quality was strong, good enough to print in the Sunday newspaper, anyway.

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