A night of hope, music, food, and drinks

Concert to raise funds to support children’s program in Nicaragua

Where: CRESCENT GRANGE, BROOMFIELD, 7901 W 120th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020

When: 7–9 pm, Friday, October 19, 2018

Tickets: On sale NOW: $40.00 ADV until Oct. 17, $50 at door, children under 12 are free, price includes food and drinks

Moisés Gadea

Moisés Gadea is a Nicaraguan singer-songwriter whose music blends traditional Nicaraguan rhythms with his own handcrafted melodies and lyrics. He is a pillar among the new generation of Central American “trova,” as the Spanish-singing, storytelling troubadours are known. Gadea’s lyrics and music aim to support the less fortunate of Latin America and beyond, especially children; his songs share messages of solidarity, justice, hope, and environmental awareness. His most recent album is Equilibrio (2017), his 5th record. Moisés Gadea was declared the Nicaragua “Songwriter of the Year” in 2008 and “Vocalist of the Year” in 2013 by the Nicaraguan National Assembly.

Darwin Escoto is a renowned Nicaraguan percussionist from La Trinidad, Estelí, who has been playing and touring the world with Los Mokuanes. He will be appearing live with Gadea this month in Colorado.

On Friday, October 19, Gadea and Escoto will play an exclusive concert at the Broomfield Grange in an event entitled, “A Night of Hope.” Families on the margins of Nicaragua’s already-fragile economy have been impacted the most by ongoing events there. Empowerment International (EI) is a Colorado based non-profit organization that is non-religious and non-political as well. EI works with children and their families in two impoverished communities in Nicaragua. All proceeds from this concert with Moises Gadea will go to help maintain EI’s neighborhood tutoring and community center. Normally used as a tutoring and activity center for children during the school year, EI’s neighborhood center is now serving as a place for families to volunteer, help each other out, and receive critical supplies, including food baskets.

The event on October 19 will feature products and gifts from Nicaragua, including handcrafted artisanal chocolate, coffee, ceramics, cigars, and framed prints from the Empowerment International Teen Photography Club. Tickets are $40 in advance and there will be a silent auction. Ticket prices include food and drinks.

“Each ticket sold,” says Kathy Adams, Director of Empowerment International, “will enable EI to fully support, with our myriad of programs.” This includes community garden projects, micro-loan programs, feedings for children, food baskets for families, and other activities.

“We’re trying to maintain some sense of normalcy,” says Adams, “by empowering our teenagers who can’t go to university [because of the current situation on campuses] by giving them responsibilities, like managing our community gardens, working for stipends, and bringing in stress reduction programs.”

For more information, contact Empowerment International Director Kathy Adams:

Media Inquiries: Joshua Berman, , 303-549-3793

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More About Moises Gadea

Moises Gadea
Moises Gadea

As a young artist, Moisés Gadea drew his influences from a range of different styles, playing in eclectic Managua bands like IXMANA (folk/fusion), CPU (rock) and Perrozompopo (pop). From 2003 to 2008 Moisés Gadea toured in more than 13 countries in Europe and Central America as the guitarist for the internationally recognized artist Katia Cardenal.

As a solo-artist Moisés Gadea has recorded 5 albums. These include: Bien Arropado (2004), Aitimaa (2006), Laberinto (2008), Coleccion (2012), and Equilibrio (2017). Gadea has shared the stage with great international artists of Latin American Trova, such as the Duo Guardabarranco (Nicaragua), Silvio Rodriguez (Cuba), Guillermo Anderson (Honduras) and Alejandro Filio (Mexico), Daniel Viglietti (Uruguay), Panteón Rococo (Mexico), Boreal Trova Ensemble (Norway).



Official page:


About Empowerment International

EI works with children and their families in two impoverished communities in Nicaragua: one an urban slum outside of the colonial city of Granada, the other an isolated rural farming community in the state of Masaya. Most families live on less than $2 per day and most adults have a 3rd grade level of education or less. For them, the need for their children to contribute to the family income outweighs the long-term benefits of education. In short, education is not a priority.

EI works to overcome this neglect of elementary education by supporting children’s education materially and, most importantly, fostering and encouraging a new attitude among families toward education. The strategy is to build a generation of empowered community members who value education and who, in turn, will lead the next generation to achieve even higher goals. The approach is holistic as well as community-based, with locally hired staff, resources, and training. Learn more:


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