josh berman travel book crocodile loveIn 2005, my wife, Sutay, and I got married, quit everything, and flew to Pakistan to begin an open-ended trip together. We didn't need wedding gifts, we needed shared experiences, preferably toilsome, scary, and rewarding ones in strange, faraway places. CROCODILE LOVE, my first narrative travel book, is a collection of tales from our honeymoon Pakistan, India, Ghana, and The Gambia. The book is in final production stages and you can be a part of it: FUNDED: KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

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mayan travel 2012As the thirteenth B'aktun of the Maya Long Count comes to a close on December 21, 2012, a 5,125-year cycle will end, signalling an auspicious time for all of humanity—or at least, a great excuse to travel. MOON MAYA 2012: A GUIDE TO CELEBRATIONS IN MEXICO, GUATEMALA, BELIZE & HONDURAS, is a slim, 110-page introduction to the Maya region, including an explanation of why this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit.

Throughout the year, expect immersive travel opportunities in each of these countries; I included numerous opportunities to visit Maya communities and support their nascent tourism programs, a few in quite remote and primitive villages. There are also luxurious lodges and haciendas among the ruins — and a thousand events, ceremonies, celebrations, and fiestas planned for 2012. Bookmark my Maya 2012 Travel Blog and check for giveaways and travel tips on this Maya 2012 travel facebook page.

Cover photo by Tony Rath

MOON BELIZE, 9th edition

belize travel guideMOON BELIZE (Avalon Travel, 2011, 9th edition): Winner of a Lowell Thomas Travel Writing Bronze Award in the category for Best Guidebook: "The conversational writing takes this guidebook beyond just a comprehensive, detailed listing of what to do and where to go. The author blends history, environment, and 'need to know' information in an entertaining way. The guide handles all budgets."

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  • Cover photo by Tony Rath

    MOON NICARAGUA, 4th edition

    The MOON NICARAGUA, 4TH EDITION, co-authored with Randall Wood, remains the most comprehensive guidebook to Central America's least understood — and least visited — nation.

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    MOON LIVING ABROAD IN NICARAGUA, 2ND EDITION (Avalon Travel, 2010) is for those considering an extended or permanent visit to the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes. Filled with useful knowledge the authors learned during their years living and working in Nicaragua, this book also draws from the authors' vast network of Nicaraguan and expat friends, giving the goods on things like: where to live, where to learn Spanish, how to get your residency visa, rental considerations, real-estate rules, labor laws, etc.

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    Stories By People Who Should Have Known Better But Are Glad They Didn't

    Herein reside seventeen stories (and one poem) written by Peace Corps Volunteers from across the generations and across the planet. Americans Do Their Business Abroad is a collection of stories a little too goofy, a little too personal (and maybe a little too gross) to belong anywhere else. Latrines. Goat eyeballs. Pickpockets. Whimsy. Wisdom. And arson in the name of hygiene.

    It is an honor to be included among my fellow Peace Corps writers in this collection of off-color toilet tales and other subjects, edited by Jake Fawson and Steve McNutt. My story, "Casa Chepito," is about an incident I experienced during my first week in Nicaragua, involving an outraged spider monkey and a rotten latrine.

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  • Proceeds go to the Wyatt Ammon Scholarship Fund, in honor of a Peace Corps Volunteer who died during his service in Zambia.


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    As a project editor for Basic Books, Nation Books, and Vanguard Press (imprints of Perseus Books Group), I supervised the editorial production (copyediting, proofreading, design, indexing, etc.) of the following titles, among others:
  • How to Rule the World, by Mark Engler
  • The Samaritan's Dilemma, by Deborah Stone
  • The Spy Who Came for Christmas, by David Morrell
  • Domestic Affairs, by Eileen Goudge
  • Blackwater (paperback revision), by Jeremy Scahill
  • Salvation Boulevard, by Larry Beinhart
  • To the Death, by Patrick Robinson
  • The Dictator's Shadow, by Heraldo Muñoz