Americans Do Their Business Abroad…

Americans Do Their Business Abroad…
Authors: ,
Genres: Narrative Travel, Travel
Publisher: Other Places Publishing
Publication Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780982261903

Herein reside seventeen stories (and one poem) written by Peace Corps Volunteers from across the generations and across the planet. Such writing often brings expectations for a certain type of book (heartwarming, uplifting, nice). Many books give you that experience. And we like those books. They are good books. The world needs those books. This is not that book. Americans Do Their Business Abroad is a collection of stories a little too goofy, a little too personal (and maybe a little too gross) to belong anywhere else. Latrines. Goat eyeballs. Pickpockets. Whimsy. Wisdom. And arson in the name of hygiene. Enjoy.

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About the Book

My story about Chepito the spider monkey, our family “pet” who was chained to the latrine behind my Peace Corps training house, appears in this book.

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