“So fearfully and wonderfully Frenchy!”

“It was a pleasure to eat where everything was so tidy, the food so well cooked, the waiters so polite, and the coming and departing company so moustached, so frisky, so affable, so fearfully and wonderfully Frenchy!”
–Mark Twain


150 years after MT wrote Innocents Abroad (one of the funniest, most enduring travel books ever), Paris still does not disappoint; from its most visited and obvious attractions, to its hidden corners and surprises, this is a place that makes you want to immediately pick up everything, learn the language, and live in it. Reality sets in only when you look at the bill; then down at the ground and see all the dogshit and cigarette butts. Just kidding.

Actually, it is obscenely expensive — that part is no joke — but if you have the means (or Parisian/expat family to take care of you), I highly recommend a visit.


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