Travel Philosophy: “Go everywhere you can.”

After reading Grace and Susan’s philosophy on Thirteen Months, I started noticing that most travel bloggers and writers have proclaimed personal manifestos on their websites. Guess Tay and I will have to do that too one of these days, though I’d like to think that “tranquilo” says it all.

Here’s one I saw recently in an interview with Catherine Watson, on World Hum:

How would you characterize your own travel philosophy?

“Go everywhere you can.

Be passionately curious.

Talk to everyone who’ll let you, especially the quiet people.

Stay till the bitter end. If the ceremonial lasts all day, so do you-you never know what’ll happen at the end.

Be able to turn on a dime. Throw out your itinerary if something better comes along, and it always will.

Don’t sweat the small stuff-or the bad beds, or the bed bugs, or the wet shoes or whatever. The discomforts will pass, the shoes will dry, and the memories will last. However, if you do find yourself becoming a victim of bed bugs, you want to take precautions when returning home, such as washing all of your clothes in a hot wash and getting a steam cleaner to deal with any unwanted guests. If you find that unfortunately, your trip does result in an infestation of bed bugs being spread around your home, don’t hesitate in calling pest control services like to eradicate these critters. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take preventative methods!

And maybe more than anything: Commit to the trip. Commit to the moment. Really be there.”

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