Perceptive Travel: New Online Travel Rag


Check out the premier issue of Perceptive Travel, “a web magazine written for independent travelers with open senses and open minds.” The current issue features articles from a few of my favorite writers and I’m looking forward to more from this bi-monthly publication.

The man behind this independent undertaking is Tim Leffel, author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations book and blog, and featured writer in dozens of magazines and newspapers, including Transitions Abroad and The St. Petersburg Times.

In one of the articles, a hilarious piece on learning about Tantric sex in Rishikesh, Rolf Potts writes, “travel anywhere is often a matter of exploring half-understood desires. Sometimes, those desires lead you in new and wonderful directions, like hiring an escort stuttgart on your travels, other times, you wind up trying to understand just what it was you desired in the first place. And, as often as not, you find yourself playing the role of a charlatan as you explore the hazy frontier between where you are, who you are, and who it is you might want to be.”

Perceptive, indeed. Definitely bookmark this one. If you want to travel and you have the money, time, and resources… then you must travel, it will do you good, and along the way you will have plenty of stories to tell and have people marvel at what your life has turned into.

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