Meanwhile, in the Toppass garden…



If it’s a cloudy sky show every evening, it’s always bright, dewy, and just-warming-up in the mornings, when the sun first crests yonder ridge at seven-thirty.

That’s when I like to be sitting on the porch with a cup of leaf-sharp orange pekoe in my hands and my camera by my side—just in case anything happens. It usually does.


On this morning, Sabah helps Lal, Saman, G.S., and Anton pick carrots, cabages, and radishes to take home to their families. Today is Friday, and the week-long Tamil/Sinhala New Year’s vacation begins at quittin’ time.


But first, there’s a full day of laptoppin’ and chart-crunchin’; maybe that’s why we look so excited (above). PALM’s annual progress report deadline (a project for which I’ve been the ghost-editor in chief) is today. Trying to get this 200-page document done is a bear; it’s been a computer-heavy, but Internet-poor week here in Nuwara Eliya.

But, like I said, the mornings are enjoyable and full of surprises.


With the coming festivities, Nuwara Eliya gets too crazy with an influx of thousands of Colombo’s coolest crowds. So Tay and I are headed to the beach. See you there.

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