The Nicaraguans: New Photo Book

foto_nina.jpgSome photographer friends in Nicaragua just wrote to tell me about a new collaborative project, The Nicaraguans, which features fresh work by 32 of Nicaragua’s most ambitious photographers (several of whom have graced the pages of our guidebooks). There are also forewards by Richard Leonardi and Sergio Ramírez Mercado. Ramírez writes: “And the three hundred images contained in this book, how many words would they be worth? Their beauty lies in their everydayness, all of them illuminated by the soft light of daily tasks that is unbroken by the drama or violence that has been a constant feature of our history. These are images of people building. People working. People walking. Waiting, protected by the landscape they know belongs to them, by the country they know is their own.” Sounds very promising. I’m not sure where the book will be available, but keep an eye out in Nicaraguan bookstores (try HISPAMER or Frontera Librería in Managua).

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