Pre-Order New Edition of My Book, Moon Belize, Now!

mhbelize2.gifTime to start stokin’ up the buzz for the seventh edition of Moon Belize! It’s not available till September, but why wait? Pre-order your copy today at or Barnes & Noble: “Former Belize resident Joshua Berman knows the best way to experience Belize, from hiking the waterfall at Lubaantun and riding horseback to El Pilar to diving reefs at dawn. Berman includes unique trip ideas like Surf and Turf and Diving in Belize. Packed with information on dining, transportation, and accommodations, Moon Belize has lots of options for a range of travel budgets. Moon Belize gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience. With expert writers, first-rate strategic advice, and an essential dose of humor, Moon guidebooks are the cure for the common trip.”

My publisher’s page for Moon Belize

More of my thoughts on Belize

Belize Travel Planner

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