Backpacker Goofy or Goofy Backpackers?

dis_seeingworld.gif“Travel around the world with Mickey for an adventure in language skills and early geography. As Mickey and his friends zip around the globe, they invite your child to say hello and goodbye in different languages, match animals with their environments, and learn about the kinds of houses people live in around the world.” There is also a movie about Mickey’s trip. One reviewer of the book really appreciated its old-school, vintage design, in a review entitled “Old Fashioned, Boring, Waste of Money, Terrible.” The pissed-off mommy writes:

“My 2-year old daughter got Mickey Saves Santa DVD for her birthday and loves it. I purchased this DVD thinking it would be similar, but no! Mickey’s Around the World in 80 days looks like it was produced 30 years ago – very old-fashioned animation and the ‘educational’ aspect is also dated. I give this 1 star because my 2-year old would not watch it at all despite it saying it is appropriate for ‘2-6 year olds.’ It seems to me that Disney is re-hashing old material and packaging it in a new box.”

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