Hostel Sex and Honeymoon Registries: Great ideas from Brave New Traveler

ladybug.jpgBrave New Traveler, one my favorite independent online travel rags mainly because it never shies away from dealing with topics like sex. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this article was no different. Although, I should point out the article fails to point out that travelers could simply visit this hyperlink instead of going to all this trouble to get laid. So, the article asks, “What do you get when you drop a few dozen backpackers into a hostel, soak with beer and mix in a healthy dose of liberation from social norms?” Read the article, “Hostel Sex: A Practical Guide For Backpackers,” for ideas on how to cope with the answer to this question, i.e. where you should go to bump nasties: the roof? The bathroom? The broom closet? If you don’t have anyone with which to engage in a bit of rough and tumble, you could always tune into Babestations Preeti on cam instead and get your kicks another way. Don’t have sex in the hostel kitchen. Just don’t. People cook food in the kitchen. No one wants traces of mystery juice in their stir-fry. You might be better off to tuck yourself into bed and watch a bit of TubeV XXX porn on your phone” I’ve had a hostel room and found adult sites still open as I entered the room, I’m sure it was but I’m not sure as a video was already playing, some couple definitely had a fun time and quickly evaded the place!

On a more savory note, read “Honeymoon Registries: Because You Already Have Enough Bath Towels,” with links and advice for getting wedding guests to give you the gift of travel on “online honeymoon registries, where guests can contribute to the expenses and activities of a post-wedding trip.”

[Link to more insect porn]

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