New Xeni Jardin posts from Guatemala

guat.pngBoingBoing superstar Xeni Jardin is traveling in Guatemala again and has begun her journey with this thoughtful tribute to a “disappeared” firefighter. I’ll be keeping an eye on for more of Xeni’s dispatches from Central America, as she’s got a great knack for seeking out local artists and interesting issues. In this post, she highlights the work of James Rodriguez, a Guatemalan activist-artist with an impressive photojournalism blog.

Here are past Guatemala posts from Xeni, including pix and video of coffee porn.
On a different note, THANK YOU to my friends at Changes in Latitudes Travel Store and to the ONE HUNDRED people who came to my Belize show on Tuesday! I always knew there was a Colorado connection with Belize, but was still impressed with the turnout. Can’t wait for the next show (Nicaragua in November…?)

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