Belize with a Baby: My Daughter’s First Trip Abroad


Now that I have a family of my own (Shanti Ayla Berman was born last October, thankyouverymuch), I can finally test out the “Belize Family Adventure” in Moon Belize, a hopefully kid-friendly 8-day itinerary I made up a few years ago. I plan on learning some new travel tricks these next few weeks, like creative mosquito-netting and making baby food from fresh tropical fruits. It’ll all go in the next edition of Moon Belize (in Fall 2009), but in the meantime, stay tuned for baby-traveling woes and maybe a little wisdom. Of course, I’ll have my wife and mother-in-law along, so plenty of support to keep Shanti safe and smiling.


Have you traveled abroad with a baby? Feel free to share any pre-trip tips for traveling with a wee one.

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