September surfing in Nicaragua: “Chele Jackson” y más!

chele.jpgMy other website——where readers and travelers come to ask me and my coauthor, Randy Wood, questions about Nicaragua, has a special thread dedicated to surfing. Southwestern Nicaragua, you see, is blessed with year-round offshore breezes generated by Lago Cocibolca to the east; the winds shape the waves as they break on scores of empty beaches and points. As we enter the best time of the year to surf in Nicaragua—storm season—here are a few tidbits to whet yer whistle (turn up the volume):

–Ian O’ and Augustus Glopf get hammered by cat 5 hurricane Rita somewhere in Nicaragua. Music by Sacred Reich circa 1985.

–April 9, 2007: Huge swell from s. hemisphere hits Pacific Coast from Chile to California—the biggest surf was focused directly on Nicaragua.

–Nicaragua Surf Report

–Chele Jackson: Nicaraguan surf stud

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