Win a Round-the-World plane ticket for your travel writing entry

Write 100 words or more about somewhere you’ve visited with at least one photo. That’s all you have to do to qualify for a free round-the-world ticket. The deadline to register is September 26, 2008. I have never heard of — at first glance, it seems like a thousand other networking/blogging sites out there, though I admit I haven’t delved too deeply. Here’s what the administrators say about their site:
“To answer your question, I think there are a few things that set us apart. Firstly, our journal creation process is very flexible, moreso than any other site, in that you can create any number of individual journals, each containing an unlimited number of entries … From my own homepage you can see what I mean, as each of my trips are clearly separated:

Also, I think we have the nicest maps:

Take care,
Administrator, My Life of Travel Limited, “

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