Moisés Gadea, Nicaraguan songwriter and guitarist, is super-tranquilo world traveler

moises.jpgI first met Moisés Gadea 10 years ago in Managua, when he was playing with the group Ixmaná. The entire group was made up of next-generation Nicaraguan superstars, literally the children and nephews of Nicaragua’s most famous folk musicians. I was a wide-eyed Peace Corps trainee, still struggling with Spanish, but after a few minutes talking to Moisés during a set break, he invited me onstage to sing “los blues”; I believe I played two Taj Mahal songs.

We played a some music together during the next few years, whenever I came down to Managua from my site, about once a month. We’ve been out of touch for a while, then today I happily discovered my friend’s music career has not only continued, it has taken him across the world; his websites are littered with images from throughout Europe, Egypt, and beyond.

Listen for yourself, Moisés’ guitar playing and voice are smart and suave. Turn it up and press play:

Moisés Gadea Myspace page

Facebook with music samples

Moka Discos

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