Belizean Maya Festival planned in Toledo for end of March

Nim Li Punit131.JPG

On March 28-31, 2009, visitors to Belize’s southern Toledo District can take part in activities being organized by the Tumul Kin Center of Learning in Blue Creek village, including a demonstration of the ancient Mayan ball game. There will also be a performance of the Cortes dance, telling the story of the conquistadors’ arrival in Central America; and a “fireball game” where players use sticks to strike a burning ball. Also expect marimba, harp-playing, and poetry competitions.

The festival was staged for the first time in 2008 and was attended by hundreds of nearby Mayan villagers, and by other Belizeans and tourists.

This year, at least one local jungle resort, The Lodge at Big Falls is offering a special “Living Maya” package to help you make it to all the events — and to explore nearby ruins and national parks.

[Pictured above: the ball court at Nim Li Punit ruins.]
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