Tranquilo Bloggage: A run-down of my websites

In addition to my books and articles, here’s where I’m writing these days:

m3.jpgThe Tranquilo Traveler: Right here, my main, central stump. This blog, which is hosted by the kind folks at, is a celebration of voluntourism, slow travel, and other interesting ways to see the world. Updated often, The Tranquilo Traveler is a resource for world trippers and a window to the author’s ongoing travels (especially to Nicaragua and Belize).

m1.jpgTranquilo Belize: My official author blog, hosted by my publisher, Avalon Travel. I sometimes double-post Belize articles between here and the TT, but not always. Belize-a-philes can bookmark this page and also these essential Belize links. This site was created with Randy Wood, my coauthor of Moon Nicaragua and Living Abroad in Nicaragua. We offer travel articles and updates on the front-page blog, a Nica news feed at the bottom of the page, and an increasingly popular travelers’ forum, where our readers can ask questions about traveling in Nicaragua.

m2.jpgPeace Corps Worldwide Travel Column: Randy and I are “The Travel Guys” on this new site “where returned Volunteers share their expertise and experiences.” Read my debut essay, “Seeing the World and Bringing it Back Home.”


My Facebook page: Let’s face it, it’s sometimes way easier to throw up links and morsels on FB than commit to a real blog entry.

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