Jubilate! Boulder Jalapa Friendship City Projects to Host Fundraiser Concert this Saturday in Boulder

delegation.jpg“Jubilate,” prounounced “hu-bi-LA-tay”, means “Shout For Joy”! It’s an appropriate name for the next Nica-Rado event, coming up this Saturday in Boulder, CO. It’s also the name of the musical group which will be performing that night: the Jubilate Sacred Singers, a Boulder-based choral group. Jalapa is the official Nicaraguan sister city of Boulder, CO, located in the northern highlands, along a remote stretch of the border with Honduras. In addition to supporting various small-scale development projects, the Boulder-Jalapa Friendship City Projects also sends annual delegations to Nicaragua. Come this weekend to find out more and enjoy some music.
Here’s the info:

June 13, 2009
First Christian Church Disciples of Christ,
950 28th St. Boulder, CO  80302

Tickets: $15 (or $10 for students)

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