Nicaragua and Belize make “the world’s 14 top retirement havens” in new book HOW TO RETIRE OVERSEAS

retire_book.jpgThree Central American countries (Nicaragua, Belize, and Panama) are among “The world’s fourteen top retirement havens,” as listed in HOW TO RETIRE OVERSEAS: Everything You Need to Know to Live Well (for Less) Abroad, by the long-time editor and publisher of International Living (until 2007 when she started another venture, Live and Invest Overseas), Kathleen Peddicord.

The sections on each country are short, but they are concise, practical, and packed with helpful statistics. For example, the book includes information on the new law in Nicaragua to benefit retirees, which was just passed in June, 2009, and estimates the monthly cost of living in a city like León at about US$1200.

There are also general information chapters to help the reader rent or buy a home overseas, understand your tax liability, and avoid common mistakes. Overall, this is a helpful resource, especially for comparing countries and narrowing down your choices. After all, the first question any potential expat must ask is, “Where should I go?”

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