Nicaragua comes to Boulder in a Night of Reverse Travel! Moises Gadea to play Nomad Theater, Saturday Sept. 8, 2012

Moises Gadea, Nicaragua BOULDER, COLORADO – Boulderites will be able to spend “A Night in Nicaragua,” this Saturday, September 8, 2012, at the Nomad Theater in north Boulder. Headlining the concert is Moises Gadea, a renowned singer-songwriter from Managua, who will be performing songs from his latest CD, “Colección” (available for listening or purchasing on iTunes). Gadea is one of Nicaragua’s top songwriters and this is his first ever performance in Colorado. The evening will celebrate Nicaraguan culture and raise funds for Empowerment International, a non-profit organization based in Colorado. Tickets and updated details are available at

Moises Gadea, Nicaragua CDMany of Gadea’s lyrics are about children. He celebrates children and childhood in his songs; he does not ignore their struggles either, particularly in Nicaragua, which is still one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere. Gadea sings in beautiful Nicaraguan Spanish; during the show, we’ll project his lyrics in both English and Spanish.

The event on September 8 will feature products and gifts from Nicaragua, including handcrafted chocolate, coffee, ceramics, cigars, and framed prints from Empowerment International’s Photography Club for children.

“Each ticket sold,” says Kathy Adams, Director of Empowerment International, “will enable EI to fully support, with their myriad of programs, a child in school for a month.”

The first 100 people who arrive at Nomad Theater will receive a free gift from Nicaragua. 100 percent of the proceeds from this event will go to support the programs of Empowerment International. Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door. This concert is a completely independent, grassroots effort; it is a collaboration of many volunteers and local businesses.

For tickets and info, go to

In addition to the event in Boulder, the following Saturday, September 15, Moises Gadea will perform a second fundraiser for Empowerment International at Havana Manor Cigar Shop in Longmont.

About Empowerment International (EI)

Empowerment International (EI) works with children and their families in two impoverished communities in Nicaragua: one an urban slum outside of the colonial city of Granada, the other an isolated rural farming community in the state of Masaya. Most families live on less than $2 per day and most adults have a 3rd grade level of education or less. For them, the need for their children to contribute to the family income outweighs the long-term benefits of education. In short, education is not a priority.

EI works to overcome this neglect of elementary education by supporting children’s education materially and, most importantly, fostering and encouraging a new attitude among families toward education. The strategy is to build a generation of empowered community members who value education and who, in turn, will lead the next generation to achieve even higher goals. The approach is holistic as well as community-based, with locally hired staff, resources, and training.


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