CROCODILE LOVE: Narrative travel book, final production funding campaign!

joshua berman crocodile love travel bookMy first narrative travel book, CROCODILE LOVE, is a collection of tales from my honeymoon to Pakistan, India, Ghana, and The Gambia. In 2005, my wife, Sutay, and I got married, quit everything, and flew to Pakistan to begin an open-ended trip together. We didn’t need wedding gifts, we needed shared experiences, preferably toilsome, scary, and rewarding ones in strange, faraway places.

CROCODILE LOVE: TALES FROM AN EXTENDED HONEYMOON is our story. Please be a part of this project!

BOOK STATUS: The manuscript of CROCODILE LOVE is complete! I’ve been writing it off and on for seven years! It is roughly 30 chapters and 52,000 words long and will (hopefully) include color photo galleries. My editor and designer are already on the job and I’m hoping to fund this project, pay them, finish it, (maybe expand the scope), and be able to ship books by the holidays, or at least by Jan. 1, 2014. Let’s do it!

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