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“The Purposeful Traveler: 5 Questions for Joshua Berman”

Joshua Berman's first narrative travel book Your new book recounts tales from a round-the-world honeymoon. How did you go about writing this book a decade later? What was it like revisiting these memories?

Joshua Berman: I’ve actually been working on the book, off-and-on, over the ten years since we returned from our trip. We started a family during that time and shifted careers, so there were long chunks of time when the project was on the back burner, but here it is. And now that people are reading it and telling my stories back to me, yes, it’s absolutely like re-living some of those moments, but through my readers’ eyes, which is fun. It’s an amazing and intimate story. How did this wild, adventurous and fulfilling trip at the beginning of a marriage influence or inspire your relationship?

JB: I think by discovering what kinds of risks we were willing to take together, by getting ourselves into these situations and adventures, we prepared ourselves to nourish that part of our relationship. Now, as parents, every moment of our lives is still defined by risk, reward, and pure discovery.  READ THE REST->

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