Packing Tips – How to be Beach Ready

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We all want something different out of travel. Some of us love sightseeing; others just want to people watch and some travelers are primarily looking for adventure. Everyone is different, but one thing, virtually all of us have in common is that we love the beach. At some point, most travelers make their way to the coast to spend a day or two next to the sea. It is always worth packing in a way that means that you can easily enjoy a few hours by the shore, should you want to. Here is what you will need to ensure that you can do exactly that,


Top of the list has to be swimwear. As you can see here there is plenty of choice, so it is not hard to find something you like. If you choose something like a pair of swim shorts you will be able to wear them for other activities. If at all you’re expecting a beach date, you could also get some Boho-inspired clothing from Ronny Kobo or other similar brands and you’ll be the centre of attraction in no time.


A good pair of sunglasses is a beach essential. The glare from the sea can soon become uncomfortable and you really do need to protect your eyes from the sun. This article will help you to buy a set of sunglasses that really do offer a safe level of protection.

Sun protection

Protecting yourself from the sun is wise, regardless of what you are doing. But, it is something you need to pay particular attention to when you are at the beach. The chances are you will be out in the sun for far longer than normal. More people get sunburnt while on the beach than anywhere else.

To make sure this does not happen to you pack high factor sun-cream and lip-balm. You will also need a hat and some sort of clothing to slip on over the top of your swimsuit should your skin start to redden. If you have young children you will need to find room in your luggage for a shade tent or be prepared to hire a beach umbrella.

Something to lie on

It is wise not to assume that you will always be able to hire a sun lounger. Sometimes they will all be gone. So pack a large microfiber beach towel.

A good bag

You will also need a bag that is suitable for the beach. A simple nylon sack style bag can work really well because it can double up as a case divider to help you to stay organized.

A simple first aid kit

It is also a good idea to put some plasters, antiseptic cream, bug spray, a few painkillers and sting treatment into a pouch to take to the beach. On the note of painkillers, HMHB has compiled a great list of natural pain relievers available here. That way if you get a cut you can sort it out without having to go back to your accommodation to do so.

As you can see, you will already be taking most of what you need with you. So, all you need to do is to squeeze a couple of extra items, like a micro towel and swimming costume, into your luggage. So, it really would be a shame not to do so.

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