GUEST POST: The Most Sumptuous Beach Destinations For Renewing Vows

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Marriage is an exquisite symphony of two souls uniting in a pledge of enduring love.

Among the most singularly greatest joys any couple can experience, marriage is a rewarding, fulfilling, and wholly satisfying experience of unparalleled distinction.

It’s difficult to assign a single and straightforward definition of marriage; it is a complex, multi-dimensional array of elements involving the interweaving of two lives, ultimately describing the processes of learning, growing, and evolving in tandem, while also affirming to embark on an everlasting journey of love and life together.

Every marriage is different and exceptional in their own way. However, “the difference between an ordinary marriage and an extraordinary marriage is in giving just a little ‘extra’ every day for as often and as long as possible.

We agree entirely with the above quote, with one exception. Marriage shouldn’t be about giving just a little “extra,” rather it should be about the continuous celebration of a one-of-a-kind love that is celebrated time and again through resplendently magnificent experiences that bring immense joy.

Marriage is of paramount importance and supersedes all other aspects of life. As such, couples should nourish their partnership with spectacular experiences that help to cultivate endless passion, excitement, and a sense of freshness while also profoundly commemorating their unity in a celebratory manner that is distinctively unique.

The magic that brought the two of you together to take oaths of forever can be taken to exciting new levels that reaffirm that enchantment, allure, and magnetism you experienced in the earliest days of your coupling.

Ascending to that alluring level is achieved by renewing your vows, more popularly referred to by the phrase “retie the knot.” Vow renewals are the perfect way to reaffirm your love and are a trend that is sweeping the United States.

Popularized by Hollywood couples such as Madonna and Guy Ritchie and Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower, these marriages featured ceremonies in a spectacularly lavish manner amid beautiful, idyllic settings.

Whether your marriage has made it to the 10, 15, 25, or even 50-year mark, celebrating your union’s longevity, endurance, and dedication through a vow renewing ceremony is among the most important things you can do as a couple to reaffirm your love.

Start making plans today to commemorate your marriage in a dynamic and inspiring way by looking into the premier “retie the knot” destinations offering idyllic dreamy settings of surreal beauty.

The vast majority of couples renewing their vows do so in breathtakingly gorgeous beach settings and with good cause; the cool, crisp cobalt blue ocean waters in juxtaposition with luscious green foliage and bright tropical colors make for an impossibly perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

Read on below to discover the best beach destinations to renew your vows, celebrate your love and commence upon a new chapter as one.

The Best Beach Destinations to Renew Your Vows

Saint Lucia

Referred to as “an exotic paradise beyond compare,” Saint Lucia has been ranked by US News as #1 in Best Caribbean Honeymoons.

The enchanting allure of Saint Lucia exemplifies the best that the Caribbean has to offer. Opulent, luxurious, and lush, Saint Lucia is fast becoming the premier beach destination for travelers worldwide.

Favored by honeymooners and couples looking to renews their vows, Saint Lucia features an ethereal beauty, while offering a vast array of activities such as music festivals, zip lining, diving and an extensive range of top-rated restaurants featuring a breadth of local and international cuisines.


World-renowned for its dazzling beach resorts, Jamaica is a ubiquitous destination for couples looking to retie the knot in a “tried and true” locale that legions of couples have chosen as the ultimate locale to perform their ceremony. With an exceptionally friendly and hospitable local population, you and your beloved will feel very welcome.

Jamaica is heralded for its wealth of exciting activities for couples to engage in. Among the most popular places to visit in Jamaica are the following:

Blue Mountains National Park, Dunn’s River Park, Port Antonio, Seven Mile Beach, Ocho Rios, Doctors Cave Beach, Blue Mountains National Park, and the famed Bob Marley Centre and Mausoleum.

Also home to stunning coffee plantations in The Blue Mountains, this destination is a unique, information-packed activity that showcases how the world’s best coffee is made.


Fast becoming one of the most favored destinations in the Caribbean, Barbados is famed for encompassing an incredible level of beauty, an exceedingly welcoming populace, a lively nightlife, and an endless repertoire of unique activities to partake in

B renewing your vows on the soft, powdered beaches of Barbados, you and your significant other will be at the forefront of sparkling cerulean ocean waters, lush island greenery, and a gorgeous clear blue sky.

Plan on taking advantage of a variety of adventures and activities including an array of sports, walking tours, nightclubs, diving, mountaineering, and much more.


Located north of Trinidad and Venezuela, Grenada is situated in the southeastern part of the Caribbean and is a  tri-island state. Not nearly as well known as places like Barbados and Jamaica, there are a large number of people who are unfamiliar with Grenada, and as a result, it is far from being a top contender for couples looking for locales to renew their vows.

However, Grenada is increasingly becoming recognized as a premier destination for travelers and couples looking to renew their vows. Essentially a secret, secluded spot, Grenada is a paradise of calm and joy, that balances tourist attractions and fun, with a beauty that is on par with Saint Lucia and Barbados.

Grenada is home to awe-inspiring rainforests, large expanses of powdery white sand beaches, and an assemblage of unique opportunities for adventures and journeys.

Grenada’s ministry of tourism unveiled a new destination brand, “Pure Grenada: The Spice of the Caribbean,” with the intention of promoting Granada on par with more well-known Caribbean destinations such as Jamaica.

Ideal for romance, Grenada has created a vast array of niche markets targeting newlyweds and long-established couples to ultimately provide custom experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.


Renewing marital vows are among the most important actions couples can take to keep their relationship lively, fresh, and exciting for years to come. By avowing the bonds they made many years ago, couples are able to celebrate their union with a remarkable testament to love, laughter, and happily ever after.

This sponsored guest post was not written by Joshua Berman





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